Q.  Do I need to call to make an appointment or do you accept walk-ins?

A.  We do prefer that you make an appointment so that we are able to give you our full attention and a full dedicated treatment time.  Our acupuncturists prefer to take the time to have a conversation with you to get your full picture of health.  Therefore, making an appointment is highly recommended so that your first treatment is as effective as it possible.  Walk-ins are allowed to ask questions and make appointments for treatment.  Walk-ins may be allowed for treatment the same day depending on how busy our acupuncturists are.  Always inquire first!

Q.  How long will my treatment take?

A.  Treatment time is typically 1-2 hours.  Your first appointment involves an acupuncture treatment in our community room which typically lasts approximately one hour, plus a private room treatment for approximately 30 minutes.  During subsequent visits, you have the option to experience both community room acupuncture and the additional treatment in a private room, or you are welcome to choose only the community room acupuncture.

Q.  Does acupuncture require needles?

A.  Yes.  Acupuncture uses very, very small needles in very specific areas of your body that have a big impact on your health.

Q.  Does acupuncture hurt?

A.  This depends on who you ask.  We have regular clients that show up for their treatment almost every day who are completely comfortable with their acupuncture treatment.  Others may be a little hesitant because acupuncture requires needles.  The short version is when the needle goes into your skin, you’ll feel a quick, tiny prick which is expected, but after that you’ll only feel the peace and quiet of the community room, the soft music that lulls you into total peace and the fact that the needles are working immediately to reverse your issues.  You’ll be monitored in our community room if you need to be released from your needles at any time.  Our dedicated staff is always watching out for you and making sure that you are safe and at peace during your treatment.

Q.  Do your acupuncturists treat animals?

A.  No

Q.  How many needles does acupuncture involve?

A.  Several to a few depending on what your symptoms are and what our acupuncturist decides is the best course of treatment to reverse and reduce your health issues.

Q.  How does the first appointment work?

A.  Your first scheduled appointment will proceed as follows:  One of our acupuncturists will talk to you about your immediate health concerns and then anything else that you would like to have addressed during the first session.  You’ll be given a customized acupuncture treatment in the community room while sitting in a recliner and listening to peaceful music.  After about an hour, you’ll be released from your needles and escorted to a private room where you will have a second treatment which will last about an additional 30 minutes.  The services that are available to be experienced in this room are explained in great detail on our services page.

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